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Baby Gift for Baby in Hospital?

J.D. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all- My sister in law/brother recently had their 5th child. He was almost 10 pounds and not breathing/pottying on his own. He is in NICU and expected to be there a...


Fussy Baby

J.R. asks from Fresno

My 7 month old was a great baby up until now. Recently he seems to get extremely fussy for no reason. Anytime I walk out of the room he starts screaming. Unless I am ...


Baby Shower Questions

J.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hello! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am starting to think about registering for my shower. I will probably register at Babys R Us and Target or Walmart. I really need ...


Need Lots of Advice! New Pregnancy

C.B. asks from Cleveland

We just found out we are pregnant with #3!! A few things I'd like to ask for some advice on are, 1)What types of slings did any of you use that you loved? My 2nd baby...


Do Garage Sales Pay off or Are They Just a Bunch of Work for Nothing???

S. asks from Chicago

I am thinking about having a garage sale in the spring. I have tons and tons of boys baby clothing, boys coats, boots, baby swings,pack and plays,a crib and mattress,...


Having a Second Child

J.L. asks from Chicago

I feel as though my biological clock is ticking....again. We have a 18 month old daughter who is into EVERYTHING! Tantrums, ect. normal stuff. I want to have anoth...


Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

A.W. asks from Atlanta

I have an almost 2 year old and am due in August with baby #2. I have started researching double strollers and need advice. I am looking for something that is not too...


1St Time Mom-- Infant Car Seat/carrier or to Straight to Convertible Car Seat?

A.S. asks from Pittsburgh

OK-- this one is for my SIL. I have my opinion but what do the rest of you think? I'm still trying to decide about what car seat to get. I'm wondering if we'd be ...


What Do I Need??

J.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi all, I'm a first time mom to be, expecting a baby boy in 5 weeks and can't wait!! Any advise on the things you couldn't live without? We have a crib, car seat,...


Consignment Stores

L.S. asks from Dallas

I have a few items that I would like to sell and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Once Upon A Child or Kid to Kid? My items include a brand new on...