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Pink Eye W/no Insurance

C.B. asks from Kansas City

ok moms, no judgements please...i had to drop our insurance a couple months ago b/c the premiums doubled. long story short, we still have no insurance. my son had a g...


6 Year Old Has Weak Eye Muscle

K.B. asks from Chicago

My son started Kindergarten this past fall. I took him to the eye doctor (as required by the state) and the dr. said the my son has a weak eye muscle in his left eye....


Guilt over Son's Premature Birth

L.L. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies, I'm new to this site and in need of an honest opinion about my son's birth. My son was born a few months ago and he was born at 31 weeks and I feel lik...


What is the best over the counter medication to cure swimmer ear

M.V. asks from Chicago

Anyone know what to do for swimmer's ear? My doctor gave me a prescription for these ear drops (antibiotic) which i was going to get filled but w/my insurance having...


What Do I Feed My 12 Month Old?

K.H. asks from Louisville

We just went to the doctor to get those wonderful 12 month shots. It actually went better than I had plan! My Doctor told me that I could take him off of formula no...


Help with Plantar Wart Removal

C.S. asks from Grand Rapids

My 7-year-old daughter has a couple of plantar warts on her feet. We used Compound-W and the at-home freeze stuff for a while. We have even been to the doctor to ha...


Vomiting Infant

K. asks from Indianapolis

Hello everyone. I have a newborn son who just turned three weeks on Friday. I have not had any problems with him eating (I'm breastfeeding) or with anything coming ba...


Won't Go to the Potty!

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

I am desperate and in need of help. My beautiful 3 year old daughter will not have a bowel movement on the potty. She will literaly hold it in and then only goes once...


Can a Food Allergy Affect Urine?

A.U. asks from Dayton

My five year old has always been very sensitive. Often I eliminate bath soap and use dreft on her laundry. Then everything "clears up" and then I will give in to bubb...