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Seeking Others with Fertility Problems

K.R. asks from New York

My husband and I have been seeing a fertility specialist. I was very lucky the first time I had invitro. I had a beautiful baby boy in 2005. Since then I have tried...


Fertility Pills - Natural (Over the Counter)

J.P. asks from Chicago

This may seem like a silly question, but if I dont ask I would never know. Is there any sort of natural or over the counter type of pill to take to help increase ...


Solving Fertility Issues

D.N. asks from Philadelphia

Hello everyone. I just wanted to get some advise/comments from other women regarding fertility. I have a three year old son currenly, and I am trying for a second. ...


Seeking Advice Regarding Fertility

R.S. asks from New York

I am a mother of a beautiful 3 1/2 year old who would like to give my daughter a sibling. We have been trying with no results and I would like to know if anyone knows...


Looking for a Good OB/GYN in Carrollton, Specializing in Fertility Issues

S.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I'm looking for a new OB/GYN near or around Carrollton that specializes in fertility issues. I'm not sure that I really have any issues yet, but my husba...


Advice on Fertility Drugs

K.M. asks from Washington DC

I just turned 41 and am trying to get pregnant via alternative insemination. I have only been trying for 2 months, but the reproductive endocrinologist I went to see...


Should I Go to a Fertility Clinic?

L.C. asks from Denver

For many years my husband and I have tried to conceive, to no avail. My husband travels for a living where he's gone 2-4 days a week, so that could lend to the probl...


Looking for Good Infertility Doctor in Plano/Frisco

J.L. asks from Dallas

Hi, Does anyone have a great doctor they would recommend for infertility treatment? Probably not IVF, but maybe IUI or perhaps other treatment options? Hoping to g...


Natural Ways to Increase Fertility

A.C. asks from Colorado Springs

I am the happy mother of two beautiful kids. I had trouble gettting pregnant with my daughter (now 5) and had no trouble with my son (who is now 2.5, we charted, but ...



J.N. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms, I have been having some trouble getting pregnant. We've tried several times throughout the years but just basically felt if it happens it happens. Well now...