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Endometriosis and Fertility

J.M. asks from San Francisco

My question is does anybody out there have endometriosis, and what has trying to get pregnant been like for you? We have not really tried, but we do not use protectio...


Fertility Issues

K.L. asks from Boston

Hi. I am so lost. I have a 3 year old son born c-section and have been trying to get pregnant since he was 1. I have had 2 miscarriages. One at 9 weeks and another ...



B.E. asks from Washington DC

i need advice from moms tha had problems getting pregnant and that they found help out there tha i would like to be help because i want to have a baby


Need a Good Ob That Specializes in Fertility, or Maybe a Fertility Doctor

B.R. asks from Dallas

A few months ago I started seeing Dr. Doreen Moser. Well, I've seen her once. I've been seeing one of her NPs and she doesn't seem to know what's going on. She is not...


Need Info on Increasing Fertility

R.F. asks from San Francisco

i am 42 years could you till me what is good for can i prepare...?


Endometriosis & Infertility

U. asks from Dallas

An immediate family member of mine is diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis. She doesn't have any kids yet and would like to persue infertility treatment after the sur...


Fertility Questions!!!!

H.W. asks from Atlanta

My brother & sister-n-law have been trying to conceive since June. She has a 2 year old son from a previous relationship. She hasn't had a period in 3 years. Her doct...


Fertility questions/Insurance Coverage

H.M. asks from Los Angeles

My insurance doesn't cover infertility, even something as basic as blood work to test hormone levels. Does anyone know of a facility that is low cost for out-of-pock...


Looking for OB for Fertility Issues

L.R. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for an OB doctor who is open to fertility treatments other than the usual hormones and sonograms. I've been trying to conceive since September and have d...


Fertility Specialist

S.W. asks from Dallas

Has anyone used Dr. Barnett in Plano? We have been going to Dr. Ly in Irving at Advanced Reproductive Clinic. I have had 3 IUIs and now Dr. Ly says because of my hi...