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J.B. asks from Albuquerque

i was curious to get some other moms advice i have two girls that share a bedroom, 4 and 3. me and my husband disagree on the cleaning. i think that they are old enoug...


Looking for Classes to Take with Son

M.E. asks from Minneapolis

Hi everyone! This fall I would like to take some classes with my 10 month old son. I have looked into ECFE and Family Village. I was wondering if anyone has other p...


Suggestions for Infant/toddler Music

L.F. asks from Dallas

I would like to buy some music for my 5 month old to listen to for play time. I would like it to be interactive songs that I can use puppets and finger plays with. I'...


Having Friends Over?

L.M. asks from Seattle

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel comfortable having my children's friends over? A little background: I am a SAHM to five ch...


Best Investment in Toys

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there, I have a one, three and five year old (eldest is the only girl). I have always been very frugal when it comes to buying toys... In our house, less is mor...


Volunteering and Younger Kids

A.W. asks from Chicago

Hey mamas! So, I volunteer once a month at a homeless shelter in the area. I really enjoy it and have been looking for other opportunities for myself and for us to do ...


How to Deal - Dont Get Me Wrong I Love Him to Death.

T.M. asks from Atlanta

This Is a very complicated situation. I'm 21, married, 8 months pregnant, and still living with my Dad. I have a 2 year old daughter and stay at home all day everyday....


Looking for 1St Birthday Toy Suggestions

J.A. asks from Youngstown

My daughter will be turning 1 next month and I have a few things in mind, but I was wondering if there is anything that your kids really liked at this age. My dughter ...


Pregnant Mom of Two Needs Help in Management

S.C. asks from Lawton

im having a hard time keeping up with things. Ihave a 4yo and a 2yo and work two part time jobs.i feel as though i need 36 hrs in a day. between caring for them cleani...


Things to Do Other than Watching TV

M.A. asks from Bismarck

Ok, so call me crazy or unrealistic (because I know that's exactly what my husband will do), but I want to TRY to go without TV, as a household, for a full week... yes...