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J.B. asks from Albuquerque

i was curious to get some other moms advice i have two girls that share a bedroom, 4 and 3. me and my husband disagree on the cleaning. i think that they are old enou...


Looking for Classes to Take with Son

M.E. asks from Minneapolis

Hi everyone! This fall I would like to take some classes with my 10 month old son. I have looked into ECFE and Family Village. I was wondering if anyone has other ...


Suggestions for Infant/toddler Music

L.F. asks from Dallas

I would like to buy some music for my 5 month old to listen to for play time. I would like it to be interactive songs that I can use puppets and finger plays with. I...


Having Friends Over?

L.M. asks from Seattle

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel comfortable having my children's friends over? A little background: I am a SAHM to five c...


Best Investment in Toys

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there, I have a one, three and five year old (eldest is the only girl). I have always been very frugal when it comes to buying toys... In our house, less is mo...


Volunteering and Younger Kids

A.W. asks from Chicago

Hey mamas! So, I volunteer once a month at a homeless shelter in the area. I really enjoy it and have been looking for other opportunities for myself and for us to do...


How to Deal - Dont Get Me Wrong I Love Him to Death.

T.M. asks from Atlanta

This Is a very complicated situation. I'm 21, married, 8 months pregnant, and still living with my Dad. I have a 2 year old daughter and stay at home all day everyday...


Looking for 1St Birthday Toy Suggestions

J.A. asks from Youngstown

My daughter will be turning 1 next month and I have a few things in mind, but I was wondering if there is anything that your kids really liked at this age. My dughter...


Pregnant Mom of Two Needs Help in Management

S.C. asks from Lawton

im having a hard time keeping up with things. Ihave a 4yo and a 2yo and work two part time jobs.i feel as though i need 36 hrs in a day. between caring for them clean...


Things to Do Other than Watching TV

M.A. asks from Bismarck

Ok, so call me crazy or unrealistic (because I know that's exactly what my husband will do), but I want to TRY to go without TV, as a household, for a full week... ye...