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Seeking Ironing Service in Arlington

S.S. asks from Dallas

My wonderful husband has one slight flaw...he doesn't want any of his clothes taken to the cleaners. Since he wears business casual (mainly dockers and button down s...


Quality Backpack

J.S. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a higher quality backpack to purchase for my 15 year old son to use. Every one we have bought in the past only lasts 6-12 months. What are the best...


Where to Buy Children's Swimsuits This Time of Year?

D.W. asks from Minneapolis

My 7- and 1-year-old girls are in swimming lessons and loving every minute of it! They're both also having growth spurts and unfortunately their swimsuits are lookin...


Help Me!! I Feel So Frumpy

C.A. asks from Portland

I am frump mom sweet love says he thinks I am sexy, but he doesn't have to live in this body. I have been fashion paralyzed my whole life and can't ...


Searching for Bigfoot. Does a NON UGLY Diaperbag Exist?!

C.J. asks from Dallas

WANTED: Diaper bag. Nothing fancy. Standard shape and size. Compartments for bodily fluid filled messes to be contained as well as pockets for keys, phone, and o...


Your Favorite Toys & Books for a 1 Year-old

G.C. asks from New York

Hi moms, what are your favorite toys and board books for a 1 year-old? We have some Karen Katz books that my DD destroyed so I'm looking for some titles of sturdier l...


What Do You Do to save Money?

C.V. asks from Columbia

We have a budget. We live within our means. We're not in debt (other than the mortgage). I'm just looking for ways we can save a few dollars here and there in orde...


Garage Sale Prices

R.D. asks from Wichita

Hey ladies as I am home all summer with my girl I am wanting to have some garage sales to get rid of all that junk in our basement! Basically I am wanting to get rid ...


Can't Beleive I Am Asking About Diaper Bags, but I Am

J.T. asks from New York

Hi Folks, Can anyone reccommend a large bag that is easy to clean??? I went through 3 with my daughter, they just go so ratty looking so quickly. I mean seriousl...


Child Swimsuits...

R.. asks from Chattanooga

The scandle about the Abercrombie padded bikini tops for children (seriously? Why does an 8 year old need a padded bikini...???) got me wondering what kind of swimsui...