Financial Service Providers: Toddler

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Seeking Financial Planner in the City

I am looking for a good Financial planner to help figure out how to best save for our children's college. We have a good chunck of money sitting in a savings account and feel that this money could be better invested elsewhere but have no clue. We live in North Center, just north of Roscoe Village, and would like to find someone close, or someone who is willing to come to our house and talk to us.


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Bank Accounts for Kids

Do your kids have their own bank account ??? If so....which bank are you using.... Bank of America (our bank) doesn't offer a good deal (has to have $300 in it or else there is a fee) USAA offers a fee free kids account..... Any experiences ???

Credit Counselor

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with credit card debt consolidation/ elimination/ negotitation. What were your experiences? And if so, what company/ website did you use or go through? My husband and I are in credit card debt having no luck coming out of it oursleves. There are places are all over the internet and I am looking for what other people have used or done. Thanks. Side note- I am well aware of what this can do to our credit. We are more interested in getting out of debt at this point...


Credit Card Debt

anyone have any experience with credit card consolidation? Are credit card...

Estate Planning Attorney

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Real Estate Agent

I am looking for a great real estate agent to help us find our house. We will be moving from Sugar Land, Tx to the Overland Park/ Olathe area and need an agent. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Family Law

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Need Divorce Lawyer Recommendations

I am looking for divorce lawyer recs. I am in a bad situation and just need to end things b/f they get worse. I met with one lawyer who was going to charge me a $5000 retainer for the divorce. My parents think that is too high and I am unsure what the average rate would be. Any advice or thoughts are sooooo greatly appreciated. I have a 2 year old daughter and I am 3 months pregnant. Nice, huh? Thanks Ladies.

Insurance Agent

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Disability Insurance - Agent

Does anyone have a recommendation for an insurance agent that they like and trust? I need to update my disability insurance, which I originally purchased in another state so I can't use my previous agent. thanks

Mortgage Broker

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I Am Seeking a Good, Honest, Mortgage Broker.

Hi Everyone, I am wondering if any of you have had any good luck with a mortgage broker in the area? My husband and I are looking to buy our first house in Westminster/Broomfield area in a couple of months and we need an honest, trustworthy mortgage broker. A true Christian would be a plus, but if not, at least someone with values that is trustworthy and not looking to scam us out of money with unnecessary fees! If you have any ideas, please help! We want our first house buying experience to be a positive one! Thanks so much! T.

Retirement Planning

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Money for Retirement Account

Hi, just wondering what a reasonable amount of money is to put into one's retirement account? What type of account do you put it in?


Retirement vs College

Since there is a tension about this on the board, let's actually discuss it....