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16 Year Old Daughter Pregnant

My 16 year old daughter is pregnant and lives with me. I make a decent income and know I would not qualify. Can she qualify for medicaid or will my income disqualify her? What should we do?


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My 16 Year Old Seems Distant

I'm worried about my 16 year old.. I'm not sure if that is common, normal for teens of his age.. He tends to close the door and stays in his room, Always on cellphone.. He doesnt commicuate much with me.. I talk a lot with him, let him know that I'm there for him and such. I feel as Im losing him. What else can I do?

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17 Year Old Daughter Doesn't Do Anything Ever, Very Moody Angry

My 17 year old daughter is a senior in high school. She goes to school, she comes home, she plays on her phone. I've been telling her for months to get an after school job, I've even went as far as to help her apply, but she won't apply unless I'm sitting in her face. It's like she has absolutely no motivation to do anything at all. She now thinks that because school has started back up that she shouldn't have to do chores around the house. Her room is a pigsty, not like regular messy but overboard to the point of you can't even walk...


Teen Son Issues

Background: My son's father and I divorced when he was 8. He took it hard....

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Seeking Parents Advice on Rules for My 15 Year Old Son.

My son has in general always been respectful, kind, hardworking and grateful. After recieving his iphone and entering into the texting, facebook world everything about him is changing. Friends are the main focus. Typical teen stuff parents are idiots, knows all the answers etc. What concerns me is his disrespect and feelings of entitlement. We have had a family meeting with him laying down some rules an guidelines. Some of them: phone must be given to us by 10pm on school nites, 10:30pm curfew. No going out with friends on school...

Insurance Agent

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Don't Know What to Do About 16 Year Old Son's "Accident."

I just got a call from our insurance company about an "accident" my son had. I was totally blindsided because my son mentioned nothing about it. I called him and he told me he swiped a car that was parked as he was trying to park in the school parking lot. He said the owner came over, wiped his hand across his car and said there was no damage but took my son's information anyway. Now he is claiming damages. I am furious with my son for not calling me at the time to have me come over, as we don't live but a few minutes from the school. I'm...