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Excell Mortgage Broker or Lender Needed for Condo Invest from ARM to Fixed Rate

Can anyone recommend a great mortgage broker or lender who may have some good packages in these rough times of lending. I have a condo investment that I bought 5 years ago and I THOUGHT I signed a 30 year fixed rate mortgage only to find out I had signed a 5 year ARM and the ARM is now up to increase by 1% from 6.625 to 7.25 and then every6 months, increasing 1% at a time, I need to lock into a 30 year fixed rate or default or just sell the condo at the low prices of today. I feel I was misled by the mortgage broker and the settlement...


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Looking for a New Bank.

We are in the process of looking for a new bank and wanted to hear if there were any that you really like or dislike. I would prefer a bigger chain or at least one with several locations. We are in the Mansfield area so one that has a location there is essential. TIA