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Ideas for Saving Money, Budgeting and Meal Planning

Hi moms! I am new at being a mom, and even more so at being a SAHM and not bringing in the income I used to. My husband and I have tried working with a budget to help ease some of the financial challenges with being a one-income family but so far we haven't found anything that works well for us. I would love to hear how other SAH Moms like you cut costs, keep realistic budgets, where you shop to save money, and which products are cheaper (but just as good) as other name-brand items. A big thing for us is food — plan-ahead,...


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I Need a GOOD Haircut That Won't Break My Bank in the Renton/Kent Area

I need a really good hair cut. I went to one place and she did a great job, but it cost me $50 for the hair cut. I cannot afford that much each time. Does any one know of a good salon or stylist that doesn't charge over $30 for a haircut? I'm tired of going to places like Supercuts and getting terrible cuts, but I cannot afford $50 either. My hair is shorter style so needs to be cut about every 8 weeks. Any suggestions would be great!


Gluten Free Husband

My husband was recently diagnosed wtih ciliac disease. I have been doing a...