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Seeking Supportive Moms Advice for Difficult 3 Year Old

First off, I really don't want to be told by half a dozen moms that I am not disciplining him enough. I am really hoping for some advice that is sensitive and helpful. If there are other moms who also happen to have special needs kiddo's all the better since they will have more of an idea of what a typical day is like in my shoes. I also appologize for the length of this post... Alex turned 3 June 5th. Prior to turning 3 he had a full year of intensive therapy, in the beginning we had therapists here sometimes several days a week,...


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I Have a 3 Year old...enough Said :)

OK, mainly I'm just venting, but of course would love any ideas, input, etc. from those who have or have had 3 year old boys. My biggest frustration is...why in the world does he have to be so difficult with me? The simplest of instruction from me becomes a big issue. "Honey, please come here so I can change your diaper"...."no" (and runs away). I am firm with him, I use positive discipline, rewards, consequences, time outs and anything else I have learned, but it just seems like EVERYTHING little thing is a battle. By noon I've had it. I...

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How Do I Get My Almost 4 Year Old to Obey Me?

Today I am completely exasperated and at the end of my rope. I tell my little girl not to draw on the wall, and she promptly goes and does it. She'll do things she knows are wrong, then goes and hides under the kitchen table. Help I don't want to be a spanking, yelling mom and I don't know how to respond when she does things that are so annoying (sticking the scissors I just barely used and set down in the jam jar, dropping her hair elastic in her baby sister's porrige when she walks by her high chair...taking the ice cream out of the...


Active 4 Year Old

More then anything I think I just want to vent. I am ashamed of myself. I...

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4 Year Old Behavior

I am wondering if any of you have experienced some of these characteristics with your 4 year old (I have a boy). He can't stand tags in his clothing, socks are too tight, pants are too tight (even though they are not.....), no long sleeve shirts (can't stand them!). Behaviors he has are: tantrums....screaming, yelling, and hitting the bedroom door...etc... when we are transitioning him from one thing to the next...and he is not happy about the next event. We also are hearing from others that he is bugging other kids who are next to him...