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Financial Advise, Pre School, and Potty Training, Jobs, I Need Advise on LIFE!!

I am going nuts. Ever since my son was about 2 months old I've stayed at home with the kids because it's been too expensive for daycare. I watched one boy for about a year and have watched a little girl for about a year and a half now. I love spending time with my children and I still babysit for the family with the little girl. They keep me busy, that's for sure. I am finding it very difficult financially between my fiance and I to keep up with the bills. Our car will be paid off next week, Thank the Lord, but that won't be a whole...


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Telecheck - Grr!!!

Normally I pay cash for most things, so I don't write many checks. This week I skipped the bank and headed grocery shopping. I wrote a $25 check at one store then hit Meijer's (grocery store) for $168. Both checks went through Telecheck - the electronic check system. The second one was declined!!! We had plenty of money in the bank, so I had no idea why it declined. I had to put the groceries on a debit card which caused me to have a $10 bank fee. When I called Telecheck they said it was declined because I didn't have enough history...


Easter Egg Hunts

Does anyone know of any easter egg hunts going on? I'm in the roseville/st....

Credit Counselor

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Living on Credit Cards

Financially we are quite a mess, and at odds as to what to do! So please, any advice would be helpful. Our credit score is excellent, we manage to pay things on time, because we keep borrowing from our credit cards. We are over 115,000 in debt, and that does NOT include the large mortgage. We are an average family, we don't make a lot of $, we bought a home too expensive, and had debt going into it, but now it's way worse. We are not upside down, just have more going out then whats coming in. We'd like to keep good credit, because...


Being the Mom

I was just thinking this morning that men never think about anything but...

Family Law

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Looking for Idea for a Meaningful Gift for Mother-in-law

I'm stumped. I need some ideas for something to get my mother-in-law for Christmas. She has been there for us in so many ways, providing a shoulder to lean on emotionally as well as financially, and she babysits our daughter during the day while I work and refuses to take payments from us. I am so thankful to have her in my life, and I know my daughter loves her very much. I want to get her something very special for her first Christmas as a nana. It doesn't need to cost much; she's very sentimental and would appreciate anything we give...