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Infant Mortality Rate

OK. For those of you who watch the news. The numbers are in. The US's infant mortality rate is skyrocketing. We're ranked 41st in the developed world for delivering babies safely down from 20 something several years ago. I personally know several of the millions of women like myself without health care insurance who skimped on prenatal care to save money. Surely this lack of prenatal care on a grand national scale impacts the statistic a bit among other factors contributing to failed...


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Ever Bank Milk?

I have a ton of extra breast milk and want to start selling it to a mm bank? Anyone ever done that? How do you do it? Where? I'd prefer to do it locally because I don't have a ton of free time to drive all over the place. Advice appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I Need a Trustworthy Accountant to File Our Taxes

Hi there, I know it's a little late, but my husband and I need a trustworthy CPA or accountant to do our taxes (new house, new baby, new marriage). Since we have a little one, we prefer someone with evening hours or Saturday appts that can take a new client (most firms give those appts to established clients). I'd like to do this asap, please! We live in Berwyn, so prefer someone in that area or even Chicago. Thanks!

Family Law

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Need Divorce Lawyer Recommendations

I am looking for divorce lawyer recs. I am in a bad situation and just need to end things b/f they get worse. I met with one lawyer who was going to charge me a $5000 retainer for the divorce. My parents think that is too high and I am unsure what the average rate would be. Any advice or thoughts are sooooo greatly appreciated. I have a 2 year old daughter and I am 3 months pregnant. Nice, huh? Thanks Ladies.

Financial Planner

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Financial Planning for First Baby - Book/blog Recs?

My husband and I are going to start trying for our first pregnancy this fall. I know there are a million great books and resources about pregnancy and parenting, but are there any great financial planning resources? I know that babies are "expensive", and I can guess at some of the obvious costs (furniture, diapers, hospital, baby gear, etc), but I feel like there are probably things I'm not thinking of since I've never done this before. Also, immediate expenses vs. long-term. Any good recommendations for books, blogs, etc, or tips from...

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Pregnant with No Insurance

I just took a pregnancy test and found out I am pregnant. My husband lost his job over a year ago and well decided cobra insurance was way to expensive and that we didn't need insurance right now........I didn't agree and was very furious but luckly we didn't need it until now. We have 2 year old twins and I know some of you are going to think we are crazy with no husband and I have had many fights over this! We do not qualify for any assitance because we have to many assets.......does anybody know of any insurance...

Mortgage Broker

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What Do You Do About Your Mortgage??

Ladies, My husband and I had a deep conversation this morning about our home mortgage, and we'd like to know what the norm is. Do most people get a 30 year loan for their house? Do they pay any extra each month? We know that by paying extra each month, or making two half-payments per month, one could save a lot of money in interest, but we don't think that most people do that. What do you do in your household? What do you think the average American does regarding their home loan? We are Dave Ramsey listeners and also really like Crown...

Retirement Planning

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Money for Retirement Account

Hi, just wondering what a reasonable amount of money is to put into one's retirement account? What type of account do you put it in?