Financial Problems

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Life After Filing for Bankruptcy.

S.T. asks from Washington DC

Many blessings to you all, My husband and I recently filed for bankruptcy due an enormous amount of medical bills. I was wondering if anyone has any advice a/o ...


Adoption with Bankruptcy

L.V. asks from Dallas

Hi, Mamas. We have three children currently, all girls, ages 5, 2, and 6 weeks. My husband and I always envisioned four kids, but this last pregnancy was a very diffi...


What Major Changes Did You Make to Be Debt Free?

M.D. asks from Corpus Christi

I have read Dave Ramsey and we "tried" it for a month or so. Then we quickly went astray without even realizing it. I really want these credit card bills gone!!!! ...


What Is the Best Way to Repair Your Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?

S.M. asks from Chico

I filed for bankruptcy 6 years ago...and have yet to even TRY to think about doing anything on credit since. However, my husband and I want to buy a house, therefore...


Any One Declared Bankruptcy.

L.K. asks from Cleveland

My husband and I are thing about declaring bankruptcy and wanted to see if anyone else has and how it affect them? We feel like there is no other way out. We are ju...



S.R. asks from Detroit

I have a problem that I'm aware of & have no idea where to start. I have a really bad spending problem. All of my credit cards are maxed out and I have spent most of ...


Credit Card Debt

B.K. asks from Chicago

Can someone tell me what is the statue of limitations on credit card debt? I have some small debt from 10 years ago that I forgot about and they have not contacted me...


Seeking Help in Saving My Home from Foreclosure!

D.L. asks from Daytona Beach

I am in need of advise help anything at this point to shead some light on my situation. My home is going into foreclosure after 15yrs of paying my mortgage. I have an...


Debt Consolidation

V.L. asks from New York

Hello Moms, Does anyone know anything about debt consolidation and if so can you recommend a site/company that can help me take care of that? Thanks!


Financial Advise

S.S. asks from Lansing

I know a lot of you out there are probably in the same boat. I need quick advice from someone qualified to give advice please!!! I have been a SAHM for years. Times h...