Financial Problems: The First Years

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Problems with My Marriage and Financial Decisions

It will be 10 years my husband and I will be together this year. The last 2 years haven't been so good. I guess I should back up and explain where this started from. My husband's best friend is pretty well off and gave us a loan for my husband to go to school out of state. We went for almost two years and it was great. Before we moved back his friend gave us another loan to help us buy a house which we purchased. The deal was for us to start paying him in a few years when I finished school. The time is approaching and we are not able to...


401K & Foreclosure

My husband and I are having a lot of financial struggles... since I started...

Job Loss

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SAHM - Is It Your "Job" to Take Care of the House?

I am taking a poll. What do you moms and your husbands agree should be the role of the SAHM? I am currently pregnant and have recently got laid off. I am home every day with our three year old. Each day, my hubby asks me what I did all day and why the house is not clean (if it isn't that day). When the house is spotless, he doesn't say a word. If I respond that I did not have time to clean everything or that I didn't feel well, he responds that it is my job to take care of the home and the excuse that I couldn't won't work. He says...