Financial Problems: Preschooler

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My 4 Year Old Son Tells Me His Pre-school Teacher Is Calling Him a Bad Boy

L.E. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, We just moved here and I started my 4 year old at a new pre-school. Last wednesday he told me that his teacher called him a bad boy. Yesterday he didn'...


My 4 Year Old Having Problems Adjusting to Preschool

K.S. asks from New York

My son started preschool in September, right before his 4th birthday. He turned 4 in October. The first day of school he cried so much that the school called me and t...


Just Lost My job.....pregnant W/two Kids - NEED BUDGET CUTTING IDEAS!

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I just lost my job, so our household income is now about half what it was. I am 5 months pregnant, so finding another job right now might prove challenging to say th...


Seeking Discipline Book to Read Re: 3 Year Old's Behavior

W.H. asks from Stockton

I am desperately looking for advice from all you moms for a good book to help in the discipline and behavior of my 3 year old son. His temeper and tantrums have gott...


How to Get Out of Debt?

M.W. asks from Kansas City

This really isn't a question as much as it is me venting. My husband and I both work full time, but don't make a lot of money. We only have one child, who is almost 1...


My Once Out Going 4 Year Old Now Has Seperation Anxiety

T.F. asks from Birmingham

I'm not sure what to do with this. My daughter has been in day care for 3 years now, and we have never had a problem with seperation anxiety. She always had a lot o...


Problems with My Marriage and Financial Decisions

R.H. asks from Los Angeles

It will be 10 years my husband and I will be together this year. The last 2 years haven't been so good. I guess I should back up and explain where this started from. ...


Credit Card Debt

G.T. asks from Boston

Hi all. Over the past 2 years my husband and I have had our fair share of problems come our way - medical issues, dental surgery, car repair after car repair, THEN a ...


What Major Changes Did You Make to Be Debt Free?

M.D. asks from Corpus Christi

I have read Dave Ramsey and we "tried" it for a month or so. Then we quickly went astray without even realizing it. I really want these credit card bills gone!!!! ...


Is It Necessary to Do Preschool?

D.N. asks from Syracuse

My son is three now and it seems like times are a changing. There's such a big hubbub about kids needing to go to preschool and what not. I enrolled my son for pres...