Financial Problems: Infant

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Would You Rent to Somebody with Bad Credit?

Y.C. asks from New York

I would like to know your opinion if you would rent to somebody with bad credit. Less say that the person had a no so bad credit for most of the 7 years, struggle fo...


Financial Problems

C.A. asks from Wichita

My husbands grandma suggested that I file bankruptcy. I am hesitant because of the major affect on your credit. One of my other friends did debt consolidation so mayb...



G.A. asks from Lakeland

Hi my husband and I have pretty much decided to file bankruptcy, im very sad about it but with him loosing is god paying job, we just cant afford all our bills now, c...


Bad Credit No Credit Who Can Really HELP???

A.G. asks from Sarasota

Does anyone know what company is good at fixing your credit? I know that most of the signs on the side of the road are a scam and I know that most that are online and...


Just Lost My job.....pregnant W/two Kids - NEED BUDGET CUTTING IDEAS!

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I just lost my job, so our household income is now about half what it was. I am 5 months pregnant, so finding another job right now might prove challenging to say th...


Paying off Debt

S.G. asks from Los Angeles

I am just curious if others here are in CC Debt? What has worked for you to pay it down, especially if your living paycheck to paycheck. How much debt aprox have you...


Debt Advice?

K.M. asks from Chicago

Another question...Here is the situation. My husband and I....well, mostly me, actually...are in a terrible amount of debt. We have a meager savings, but otherwi...


What Is Life like After Bankruptcy?

J.N. asks from Minneapolis

I am currently in the process of filing bankruptcy. I am wondering how it will affect my life in the future. Due to illnesses, I found myself in extreme debt and coul...


How to Get Out of Debt?

M.W. asks from Kansas City

This really isn't a question as much as it is me venting. My husband and I both work full time, but don't make a lot of money. We only have one child, who is almost 1...


Bankruptcy official.....Why Dont I Feel as Awesome as I Thought I Would?

E.B. asks from Seattle

Good evening.....It would not be a life milestone without sharing it with everyone. As most of you know, the last three years of my life have been the worst three ...