Financial Problems: Child

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Way to Far in Debt

J.K. asks from Billings

OK here goes my husband was laid off last Oct. and was off for 4 months needless to say in that time we got behind on some bills ok all bills and had to rely on credi...


Dog Troubles and Debt

L.B. asks from New York

Some of you may have read my previous post about dealing with debt, this post relates to our debt. Our beautiful dog has been a part of our family for the past 5 yea...


Tuition Problems

A.G. asks from Baton Rouge

I am a parent of a very good preschool and it is amazing the number of parents that are late payers or don't want to pay at all. They believe the daycare is supposed ...


Having an Only Child

R.B. asks from Clarksville

I am the mother of a three year old boy. I am currently struggling with the decision on whether or not to have another child. My husband and I are both seriously th...


Having One Child

R.F. asks from Dallas

Hey moms, I have a wonderful 5 year old daughter who is the light of my life. My husband and I are most likley not going to have any more. I just wanted to know ...


Sharing Custody of My 6 Year Old Daughther W/my Ex Husband

C.K. asks from San Diego

My ex husband would like to spilt custody 50/50, but i have a problem with that cause he only has two days off a week, she does go with him for the two days, he think...


Financial Freedom in Marriage

R.R. asks from San Francisco

In a marriage where both partners work, what is the best way to manage money? Put it in joint account, joint and separate, or just separate and share expenses? If th...


Do You Ask/expect Financial Support from Your Parents?

D.M. asks from Clarksville

I would like to know if you ask your parents for money when you really don't have any other option. The reason for my asking is that I had a big fight with my mother ...


Old Student Loan Debt from 1988

R.J. asks from Dallas

Hello, MOM's. My husband recently got a wage garnishment letter from his job American Airlines, stating that the US Government wants to garnish 15% of his net earning...


6 Year Old with ADD and Dyslexia

D.B. asks from Sumter

Let me start with some back round. I found out recently that my daughter has ADD and dyslexia. We have suspected the dyslexia for years now, but could never get the ...