Financial Problems: Child

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Financial Advise

S.S. asks from Lansing

I know a lot of you out there are probably in the same boat. I need quick advice from someone qualified to give advice please!!! I have been a SAHM for years. Times h...


Anyone Declare Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

T.R. asks from Orlando

I am in need of declaring a simple bankruptcy (revolving credit only), yes, I am aware of the negative impact, but my circumstance is dire, and will get worse if I do...


Debt Consolidation- Advice Please :-)

S.B. asks from Gainesville

Hello ladies. I am trying to figure out this whole debt consolidation and whether or not it's good or bad. It seems some people are adamant about it being a horrible ...


Financial Advice?

K.D. asks from New York

Do you just have one joint checking account do you have your own separate accounts, I'm thinking of having what about three accounts, one mine, one his, and one for t...


Credit Card Debt and Entertaining

A.F. asks from New York

My husband and I have a five year old and a two month old. We live on Long Island (NY) and have a starter house. We've basically been on one income for five years. I ...


Financial Choices.....I Need Some Savvy Mama's to Advise Me!

M.R. asks from Boston

I was laid off from my job at the beginning of this year and although I went on unemployment, the loss of income was so great that I had to make a choice to pay the u...


How to Reduce Debt

P.H. asks from Louisville

Has anyone ever called the credit card company and made a deal to pay it off for a lesser amount? I have been told it can be done, but am not sure if it really works...


Financial Issues

B.A. asks from Philadelphia

I don't know where to begin. This may be more to vent then to receive advice, but I've been very depressed lately I need to get it out. I am hoping that someone who...


Have You Gone Through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University?

N.G. asks from Dallas

I have enrolled in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at a local church. I'm really excited about it. I have acquired some really bad saving/spending habits o...


Elderly in Laws Asking for Financial Help!

M.W. asks from Minneapolis

I need advice on the best way to handle a situation with my in-laws! My in-laws are in their mid 70's and my mother in law just went to live in a nursing home 6 month...