Financial Aid

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College Funds

O. asks from Dallas

there are so many companies offering you to start safing for your kid's future college education. which one do you find more reliable? thank you


College Advice

B.F. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas, I have a senior in high school who will be attending college in the fall in a town about 3 hours south. I need to know from moms who have children in coll...


College Help

S. asks from Minneapolis

hello moms, iam a SAHM of 2 great kids..i am considering going back to school (college). i have never been, i only graduated high school. iam torn between two intere...


Financial Problems

C.A. asks from Wichita

My husbands grandma suggested that I file bankruptcy. I am hesitant because of the major affect on your credit. One of my other friends did debt consolidation so mayb...


College and College Applications

T.J. asks from Honolulu

hello everyone, my daughter is in 11th grade. getting lots and lots of brochures from colleges. need some advice on how to weed through all the literature. choosin...


Work or College??

L.S. asks from Dallas

I am a 28yr old mother of 3 and have a major decision to make. I can either go to college to earn a degree with the help of financial aid or take a job as a nanny f...


My Daughter's College

L.L. asks from New York

For those parents out there that has been through this can u please tell me what to do . My daughter goes to college but right know she is on spring break. it is time...


Text Books and Scholarships and Dorms... Oh My!

R.M. asks from Columbus

My son is a sophomore in High School. We've had all sorts of different college-based talked with him over the past year and a half. To be honest, I think the poor kid...


Computer Engineering Programs: Advice on Selecting a College

M.P. asks from Chicago

I got such helpful responses on my questions about animals/science careers, that I'm turning to the wisdom of all of you again! My nephew graduated from college with...


Help with FAFSA.How to Get Max. Aid....pls Advice

N.A. asks from Boston

Hi friends, Very soon I will be filling out the fafsa form for student aid. My first child is senior in high school now. Please advice me on how to get max. Student ...