Fighting: Tween

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My 12 Year Old Being Bullied at School

S.P. asks from Boston

My 12 year old son came home from school very emotional. He did not want to tell us what happened. He finally did tell us that he was pushed to the ground and hit by ...


Supervising Instant Messaging of 12 Year Old Girl

A.H. asks from Washington DC

My 12 year old daughter has been on IM for for a few months. Before this, she was on email, which I told her I was supervising (reading periodically). There were seve...


Dangerous Fighting

M.S. asks from Washington DC

My two girls, ages 13 and 10, constantly are getting in fights over everything. They share a bathroom in our house, and my 10 year old always goes into my 13 year old...


Fighting and Hitting?

M.T. asks from Lewiston

Hello I am a loving mom of two boys that are 16 and 12 and I am asking for advice on how to get these two boys to get along instead of fighting and hitting each other...


Homework and Fighting

B.A. asks from Mobile

Well my thing is for one my boys are constantly fighting. My 11 year old is ADHD and seems to pester my oldest more than he should. BUt when he does my 13 year old ju...


How Do You Stop the Fighting?

S.B. asks from Columbia

Can anyone out there give me any advice on how to get brothers to stop fighting? I feel like all my boys (9 and 5) do is fight and it is breaking me down! It is so ba...


Too Much Fighting!!!

J.T. asks from Los Angeles

I have 3 children. 10, 7 and 18 months. The older two are consently fighting. It is getting to the point where I just am at my wits end as to what to do. They tease e...


Screaming and Fighting

M.K. asks from Lincoln

I have 4 children, with my three youngest being boys still living at home. The ages are 15, 10 and 4. My problem is the constant fighting and screaming they do. It...


Sibling Fighting

J.A. asks from Spartanburg

My children are 22 months apart, a girl who is almost 4 and a boy who is almost 2. I am an only child so I feel like I have no real reference for sibs and fighting. ...


11 Year Old Boy Who Sleeps Too Much

L.T. asks from Lexington

I am worried about my 11 year old who gets his almost 9 hours of sleep every night and doses off the whole day, especially in class during teaching hours. He also dos...