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Can You Mix Formula and Breastmilk

R.W. asks from Los Angeles

I am trying to get my daughter to take a bit of formula but she hates it. Can I slowly introduce it by mixing it with a bit of breastmilk?


Vomiting Infant

K. asks from Indianapolis

Hello everyone. I have a newborn son who just turned three weeks on Friday. I have not had any problems with him eating (I'm breastfeeding) or with anything coming ba...


Colick and Tummy Troubles

T.E. asks from Greenville

Hi, I have a 9 week old son who has been to the doctor more than I have my entire life. For the first 6 weeks he screamed/cried from 6pm until he feel asleep. His st...


Breast Feeding

H.H. asks from Phoenix

i really want to breast feed my baby when she comes but my husband doesn't agree with me. He wasn't breast feed and doesn't think i should do it. The only reason he w...


HELP With a Capital "H"!!!

K.M. asks from Dallas

Moms, I deparately need your help. My poor friends I'm sure are SICK of hearing about this, as is my husband, but I don't know where else to turn. One of my twins w...


Infant Reflux

S.W. asks from Austin

My four month old son spits up all the time, i've taken him to the dr's office, even specialist can't tell me nothing.......arggggg.....someone please tell me whatels...


Chronic Ear Infections

J.H. asks from Milwaukee

I have a 6 year old and 4 year old who are in kindergarten and preschool. Like most kids they like to share every germ from school with their baby brother We wash ha...


Spitting up a Problem

D.A. asks from Boston

First off I love this site. My daughter is 3 months old 3 wks ago she had her 2 month check up and we came out of the office with gold star reviews. 2 wks later she w...


My 8 Month Old Is Not Interested in Eating from the Spoon, Among Other Issues

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter has always had feeding issues. She has always had a smaller appetite. Right now, she drinks about 24 ounces in a 24 hour period, if we are lucky (she drin...


4 Month Old Wont Drink Bottles

C.T. asks from Detroit

I have a almost 4 month old. and for a week now, he is having problems with his bottles. he drinks one or two ounces and screams on the bottle. i have to fight to get...