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High White Blood Cell Count

A.A. asks from Tulsa

my 1 yr old has been sick off and on since mid oct. in nov. he was put in the hospital with a viral infection and has just been sickly since...ear infections upper re...


Feeding Problems. . . .

J.H. asks from Tallahassee

I have a wonderful little girl, who is three and a half months old. In the past week and a half, she's really been fighting me when it comes time for her to eat. Sh...


Infant Sleep Patterns

C. asks from Charlotte

I don't know which question to ask first. My son has no schedule or natural pattern of sleep what-so-ever. He is 6 weeks old and does not seem to be sleeping well a...



M.T. asks from New York

I am looking for advise of formulas. I am unable to breastfeed due to lack of milk supply. I tried it when my daughter was born and she didn't get any milk from me ...


Poll What Formula Is Best?

J.H. asks from San Francisco

I know that breastfeeding is best. It was my first choice - but I have had issues and it didn't work for us. I have had to feed my daughter formula and she is havin...


Know of a Good Formula for Reflux Babies?

D.B. asks from San Diego

Me again :) Does anyone know or can reccommend a really good formula that has helped for reflux babies, my son has pretty bad reflux and medication isn't working and...


Vitamins for a One Year Old

D.W. asks from Madison

My husband and I are not sure if we need to give our son vitamins. He is on the small end of the size chart and doesn't like to eat much. Someone told us we should ...


Need to Switch from Breastfeeding to Formula

A.W. asks from Colorado Springs

My daughter is 8 mos old and has only been breast fed. Today I went to my doctor and he told me that I have Postpartum Depression. I need to start taking the medica...


Daytime Sleep and Fussiness

A.M. asks from Buffalo

Hello all. Our little girl is now 8 weeks. We have been forumla feeding since week 2 due to complications. We have her on Nestle Goodstart with Omega. Our pro...


Finicky Eater...

B.S. asks from St. Joseph

My 2 month old son is having issues taking his bottle. He wouldn't nurse well when he was born, so we swiched to the bottle which went well until he was about 6 week...