Field trips

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Preschool Field Trip Ideas

T.J. asks from Seattle

Anyone have any good ideas or experiences to share for preschool field trips or class visitors? I've been told we usually go on one every other month, and the month i...


How Do You Feel Your Child Is Safe on School Field Trips??

N.H. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms, My daughter is in first grade and has only attended one school field trip so far which was to a musical. I was VERY hesitant to let her go because it w...


Field Trip to Restaurant

J.M. asks from St. Louis

We have never done a field trip to a restaurant, so I'm looking for ideas of what my girl scout troop can look forward to seeing when they go visit a local restaurant...


Private School Out of Town Field Trips- Do You Afford to Send Your Kids or Not

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

I have 3 kids in Private school , 2 come from a split household (stepkids, parttime) the other our SON together just started Kindy. My DH is responsible for all schoo...


Packed Lunches for Field Trips - OMG Kids Can Eat a Lot!

A.S. asks from Dallas

Today my daughter's first grade class went to the zoo for a field trip. We were asked to pack a sack lunch for them to eat while we were there. I went along as a ch...


Inhouse Field Trips

V.B. asks from Atlanta

Due to a large budget cut, we can't do any field trip for this summer at our school. Any ideas of who would give free inhouse field trips? I've already contact the Fi...


Need Ideas for "Home Lunch" for My Daughters Field Trip

S.H. asks from Honolulu

Hi everyone. My 5 year old is going on a field-trip for Kindergarten. It has to be a completely "disposable" lunch... meaning non-perishable, nothing that has to be c...


What Is "Field Day" at School?

C.F. asks from Dallas

I got a flyer the other day from my daughters school about "Fied Day" being next month. I keep forgetting to ask the teacher and every time I think about it it's alw...


Trying to Be Involved in School with 2 Little Ones at Home. and a Field Trip ?

M.. asks from Detroit

I have sadly given up the idea of volunteering at my daughters school. I let the teacher know if she can send stuff home for me to work on to help her out I will be ...


Field Trip Lunch and Snack Ideas for My Daughter with Dietary Restrictions

A.B. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, You may have seen my earlier question about my 5yo with Lyme Disease, who needs to go on a special diet for a little, (diary, gluten and sugar free.) Based ...