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High Fever

D.J. asks from Amarillo

My four year old son has been running a very high fever for three days now. Even with alternating Tylenol and Motrin every three hours, it is still around 101 to 102...


Taking Temperature

K.H. asks from Detroit

While in the hospital a couple weeks a go, the nurses took my son's tempersture with a touchless thermometer. Now I want one. Does anyone know where I can get a goo...


How Do I Break a High Temperature??

C.H. asks from Chicago

My son has had a temperature all day. He was up at 5:30am with a temp of 101.+ and I gave him some tylenol and kept him in bed with me and the temp went down. It wen...



C.H. asks from Buffalo

How do you check for a fever, reliably, without a thermometer? are there any other signs of a fever? on myself, sorry, and i would uses thermometer, if i had one, b...


My Temperature

A.S. asks from Lynchburg

I have been a little concerned about my temperatures lately. I normally run a temp. of 98.7. Now I am running anywhere between 95.4-96.7. I took it this morning and i...



K.C. asks from Chicago

my 10 wk. old has a 100.4 fever is this common???



M.L. asks from Lansing

Can I give my 5 month old tylenol an hour early? My son has had a fever for the past 2 days. He has a doctor's appointment in 10 hours. It seems like his fever alw...



D.T. asks from Orlando

why is my 4 ayer old son is having fever every 2-3 Weeks?? They have done every test and the Doc can't fine nothing. I need help it is to stressfully!!