Fever: Myself

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High Fever

My four year old son has been running a very high fever for three days now. Even with alternating Tylenol and Motrin every three hours, it is still around 101 to 102. We took him to the doctor yesterday, and she said it is a virus, and there is not much she can do. He has no other symptoms except for a cough. Any suggestions on how to lower his fever? I am pretty worried about it.


My Temperature

I have been a little concerned about my temperatures lately. I normally run...



my 10 month old has had a fever for about 24hrs and has yet to break his fever.


Taking Temperature

While in the hospital a couple weeks a go, the nurses took my son's...

Taking Temperature

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Best Thermometer

Not a fan of the current thermometer I use...it takes too long to read, and with a squirming 7 month old, that is near impossible. Any recommendations on a good thermometer? Price isn't that important since I use my company's flex card. Thank you!



I am looking to buy a new inexpensive ($0-$40) thermometer. Any suggestions?


No Thermometer

I cooked a turkey today (we'll be at family's for TG. Got this turkey b/c it...


Baby Thermometer

Can you reccommend a good thermometer for a newborn. Is it necessary to use...