Fetal Development

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Movement at 18 Wks

T.W. asks from New York

HI mama's I am 18 wks pregnant and have started to feel little 'pops' of movement the last two weeks. At my 16 wk check up my dr. said that the placenta attached in...


Looking for More Info on Fifths Disease

R.C. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, I just read Staci's post asking for adivce on Fifths Disease. I also read all the responses and I have some more questions: I think my daughter had Fifths a...


Being Sick While Pregnant

C.W. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Ladies, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, had the flu 2 weeks ago and now I have some monster living in my lungs. I've been coughing for almost a week now - the kind of co...



J.J. asks from New York

Ok so call me crazy, but i am currently 10weeks preg and went to the hospital at 9weeks because i had light bleeding with (tmi) 1clot they determined the baby heart h...


Can a Provider Refuse to Give Prenatal Care?

L.R. asks from Portland

Okay, I am pregnant and I want a home birth. Since a home birth and the midwife's prenatal care is not covered by my insurance, she suggested that I get my prenatal c...


Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts

K.M. asks from Chicago

So I'm sitting here drinking a delicious cup of coffee and I'm remembering when I was pregnant and that someone told me that you cannot drink coffee or eat chocolate ...


Planing a Pregnancy

C.C. asks from New York

I everyone! my partner and I want to have a baby, the point is that my hair is white (I paint it on the same color as the original dark brown) and I would like to kno...


Hypothyroid Diagnosis and Pregnant

M.V. asks from Philadelphia

I was diagnosed Hypothyroid in March 6 months after having my 2nd child. I was told it would be difficult to conceive, and that there are the possibilities for compli...



J.S. asks from York

my medical records say i am 30 weeks pregnant but when i went today to see the doctor he told me i was olny 28 weeks pregnant. when i asked him about it he said i lo...


My Baby Was Born with DiGeorge Syndrome.

A.T. asks from Boca Raton

Hi If you took your time to look at my past questions; you will see i had a very hard complication during my preganancy. My baby appeared to had a CYSTIC HYGROMA whi...