Fetal Development

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Scared to Death

K.V. asks from Fayetteville

I am 16 weeks along with my first child and when i went to the bathroom this morning there was some blood in the toilet. Is this normal i called my dr's office and th...



T.K. asks from Fort Myers

I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and I was just wondering if any one has tried castor oil to kick start the labor process. DOES IT WORK???



E.K. asks from Seattle

HI again..... I've been tracking my cycles over the last two months: I had one 28-day cycle and one 26-day cycle. This month, I hit 30 days and thought, what the h...


Boy or Girl?

S.S. asks from Kansas City

With my first pregnancy (girl!) I was so sick even before I found out I was pregnant, so it lasted from about 4weeks to 11 weeks, 24/7, and was so severe that some da...


Progesterone Therapy During Pregnancy

J.L. asks from Seattle

I'm wondering if anyone has had progesterone therapy during pregnancy. My daughter was born 7 weeks premature, and it was suggested by my perinatologist that we try ...


Moms with Epilepsy

T.S. asks from Los Angeles

I am being quite vulnerable here, but I am desperate to talk with other moms who have epilepsy. I am 5&1/2 months into my pregnancy, everything has gone perfect so fa...


Nighttime Headaches During Pregnancy

S.L. asks from Brownsville

Hi there moms! I'm hoping someone out there has shared in my experience and can offer a little advice. I am 5 1/2 months pregnant. About a month ago I started gett...



K.S. asks from Dallas

So we just found out yesterday that we are expecting our first!! i called to make the appt and they said that they would not need to see me for 8-10 weeks and that I ...


Will I Ever Find Out If I Miscarried?

G.H. asks from Portland

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. At 6 weeks I started bleeding, clotting, and cramping. I bled for about 3 days and then spotted for about 2 weeks. When the ...


Testing After Miscarriages

R.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello Mamas, You have been so helpful with information and encouragement in the past, so I thought I would ask another question of you all. First, here is the bac...