Fetal Development

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Stopped Being Gluten-free While Pregnant... Now Worried.

L.G. asks from Grand Rapids

Okay - so here's the story. To start off - I do not have celiacs. I was eating gluten-free for about 8 months when I got pregnant. Prior to eating gluten free I ha...


Can Someone PLEASE Help Me Understand This!

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

Ok so they say that you have to put on weight for your baby to develop properly so I guess I don't really understand why some people who are overweight are told to ga...


My Sister Is Pregnant and Got a Cold

D.L. asks from Roanoke

Dear mums, My sister is 7 weeks pregnant and unfortunately got a cold (sore throat with mild fever). She is really upset since she is so early in her pregnancy a...


Just Wondering

A.J. asks from Waco

Has anyone had a child with a Congenital Heart Defect then went on to have a healthy pregnancy.


When to start feeling the baby kick during pregnancy?

A.A. asks from Rockford

I don't know how big i'm supposed to be. I'm 17 weeks pregnant. Am I supposed to feel the baby moving or is it to soon.


Gestational Sac Measuring Small at 8 Week Ultrasound

T.D. asks from Chicago

I'm looking to see if anyone has had this happen to them and ended up having a healthy pregnancy. I went to the dr today for some very light spotting (I'm 8wk1d), th...


Is It Really Bad If You Forget to Take Your Prenatal Vitamins?

J.G. asks from Dallas

I know that they give you all the nutrients the baby needs to grow, but I seem to forget all the time about them and I feel bad. We have been sick with a cold all wee...


Breastfeeding and Pregnant

J.T. asks from Houston

Breastfeeding and Pregnant I have a 7 month old son and am 8 weeks pregnant. Since discovering I was pregnant, I have had a severe decrease in milk production. I h...


Link Between Pitocin and Autism?

A.D. asks from Indianapolis

Our 2 month old child was born with the assistance of a small amount of pitocin after my wife's labor slowed and failed to progress. The pitocin did the job and our ...


Prepareing for Preterm Delivery?

D.G. asks from Jacksonville

At 29 weeks now, i've been dealing with preterm labor problems since saturday. I've been given 3 1/2 bags of fluids throug IVs, 4 shots of terbutaline, terbutaline p...