Feeding Problems: Toddler, Born free

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Question About Born Free Bottles

C.A. asks from Dallas

I recently started using Born Free bottles with my 6 week old twin boys. Several times I've noticed that the nipple kind of collapses during a feeding - which is som...


Born Free Bottles

M.B. asks from San Francisco

Is anyone else having trouble with Born Free bottles? My son liked them at first but he seems to have a hard time now. I have to change the nipple several times befor...


Nipple Change for Born Free Bottles

A.A. asks from Chicago

we use the born free bottles and their nipples come in stages (levels 1-3 and 2 extras). my husband and i were havinga dicussion on ifyou HAVE to change nipples. c...


Breast Feeding

N.C. asks from Chicago

I need help on what kind of breast pump I should get? Also I would like to know suggestions on what else I would need to buy if i will be breast feeding?


Bottle Feeding/ Breast Feeding

J.J. asks from Kansas City

I am intending on breast feeding my child primarily, however when i return to work i'm going to have to pump. Do i have to use specific bottles for pumping or can i ...


Introducing Bottle Feeding

C.K. asks from San Francisco

Would like to know what is the best way to intro my 3 months old baby to bottle feeding & which bottle is the best out there.


Pumping Storage and Feeding

T.H. asks from Chicago

I am expecting my first baby in April and am planning on pumpming using the Medela Pump in Style Advnaced. I was wondering how to easily store the breastmilk? Do I ...


When to Start Bottle Feeding...?

S.P. asks from Seattle

I just recently gave birth last week & I am trying to figure out when I should start pumping & bottle feeding my daughter. I don't want to start too soon since I want...


How Do You Go About Dropping a Feeding.

K.W. asks from San Francisco

My last request people were not able to respond for some techno reason so I'll ask a different question and try again. We are preparing to wean our son, 13 months ol...


Bottle Feeding

K.H. asks from Dallas

I have a 5 week old and we just started working with her on taking a bottle. She is fighting this....any suggestions on getting her to take the bottle. She starts out...