Feeding Problems: Toddler, Born free

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Question About Born Free Bottles

I recently started using Born Free bottles with my 6 week old twin boys. Several times I've noticed that the nipple kind of collapses during a feeding - which is something the manufacturer says isn't supposed to happen. I can't see that it's causing a problem - it just seems weird since it's something they say specifically shouldn't happen. Has anyone else noticed this? Did you continue to use the bottles?


Born Free Bottles

Is anyone else having trouble with Born Free bottles? My son liked them at...

Refuses Bottle

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He Will NOT Take a bottle...help

My 2 month old loves nursing and I love nursing him, too. However, I go back to work in a month so we have been trying to use the bottle a little to prepare him for daycare. Also, with it being the holidays we have different parties to go to and he won't take a bottle for his grandparents (babysitting). When it's breast milk he seems interested but will not suck on the bottle and when it is formula it's worse. Any suggestions of how to get him to take the bottle?