Feeding Problems: The First Years

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Bottle Feeding Problems

Any suggestions - My 6 month old is a very picky bottle feeder, he prefers me to feed him (breast feeding) and it has only gotten worse. Friday at daycare he only ate 1 ounce in 8 hours and today he didn't eat anything in 8 hours (it usually ends up being 12 hours total from the time I feed him before daycare & the time I get him home to feed him) he does eat cereal around noon & baby food around 6, but he still needs his milk. Daycare does have 3 different types/brands of bottles to try.

Refuses Bottle

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My Baby Won't Take a Bottle

My 7 week old baby refuses to take a bottle. I have been nursing exclusively since she was born and I have never given her a pacifier. We have been trying to bottle feed her expressed milk to get her used to the idea since I will be starting school and work again soon. She will start to suck but then pushes the nipple out with her tongue and then lashes it around so that I can't even put the nipple back in her mouth. She also spits out anything she tries to drink. I have tried different bottles with different type nipples: wide, small,...