Feeding Problems: Myself

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Feeding Problems

C.D. asks from Anchorage

I have been having problems feeding my 3 month old. About 2 weeks ago she started getting so much gas durring feeding(formula...tried to breast feed but it just did n...


Problems Breast Feeding --Help!!!

P.F. asks from Chicago

Alrighty moms. My wife is shy on posting, but she has been grappling with the idea of not breast feeding. (we have a 3 week old.) Our families (moreso mine) are reall...


Feeding Problems. . . .

J.H. asks from Tallahassee

I have a wonderful little girl, who is three and a half months old. In the past week and a half, she's really been fighting me when it comes time for her to eat. Sh...


Bottle Feeding Problems

T.M. asks from Madison

Any suggestions - My 6 month old is a very picky bottle feeder, he prefers me to feed him (breast feeding) and it has only gotten worse. Friday at daycare he only at...


How Do You Support a Friend with Money Problems

J.M. asks from Chicago

Okay mamas, I have a friend who is having major money issues, that is all we talk about. I understand she is in a tough spot & I am her sounding board but I am ge...


Feeding Therapy

L.V. asks from Dallas

Hi- My daughter was born at 28 weeks and we have struggled with feeding her. She has a G-button and we have recently started feeding therapy at Baylor. I was just ...


Breast Feeding

M.W. asks from Albuquerque

My wife needs to know what is the best way to stop brest feeding? Our critter is 18 months, although the kid is not ready to quit, mama is.


Brest Feeding

A.G. asks from Savannah

I have a new baby and he was born premature and I was breast feeding him but now he doesn't want to take it. Am I doing something wrong? And he's getting sick from th...


Breast Feeding

N.C. asks from Chicago

I need help on what kind of breast pump I should get? Also I would like to know suggestions on what else I would need to buy if i will be breast feeding?