Feeding Problems: Munchkin

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Feeding Solid Foods

I am curious about people's experience in introducing solids to their baby. I have a seven month old who is not really interested in food. I have been trying to feed him since he has been 4 months old, quit for a while and am back trying again. He has been waking up for about 2 months to eat in the middle of the night, but doesn't open and close his mouth when we eat (a sign I was told to wait for). Dr thought maybe he has problems swallowing since we had to teach him to nurse and never did get the hang of breast feeding and is...

Refuses Bottle

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My Baby Won't Take a Bottle! Help

My daughter was introduced to a bottle at 3 weeks and was goven one about once per week. A week ago she refused it all together! I am starting work part time soon and am worried. I have tried Avent, playtex and nuk nipples! Help!!

Safe to Breastfeed while Sick?

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Breastfeeding with an Illness

After 4 kids, I should know this, but have never run into this issue before. I am currently breastfeeding my 3 week old. oday, she started to get very fussy, which is unlike her. She acted like her belly really hurt her, and I assumed it was gas. Around noon, I started having really bad stomach cramps, and had an upset stomach afterward. I've thrown up a few times and feel a little better afterward, but have also had diarrhea. I don't know if it's just a bug or whatever, but should I still be nursing my daughter? I looked on the website for...