Feeding Accessories: Teddy Bears

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Sleepless Nights with a 13 Week Old

I have a 13 week old little girl. Her last feeding is around 11:30 pm - midnight. She hasn't been a great sleeper yet and lately she is waking around 3 am. She does not cry at first, kind of grunts and squirms. She seems to be frustrated from being swaddled. If I unswaddle her, her startle relfex is so strong that she can't go 5 mins without startling herself and then she can't sleep at all. After a few minutes of frustration she starts to cry. At that time I usually unswaddler her and lay her on her side and that pacifies her a bit. The...

Bottles & Sippies

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How Do I Get My 21 Month Old off the Bottle?

My daughter will be turning 2 in June and I would like to get her off the bottle. We do offer her a drinking cup (regular one’s with the spout and even the ones with straws) and she drinks from them but she prefers drinking water from them instead of her milk. As for her bottle, I was told that if I can get her to snack/eat more she won’t take the bottle as often. So, we offer all types of snacks and foods but depending on her mood that will determine if she will eat. And then too when she does eat, she doesn’t eat very much. If...


Bottle to Sippy

Hello Everyone : ) Hope u all are having a great day!! My son is almost 10...

Nursing Pillow

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Help Stop Breatst Feeding and Get 8 Month Out of the Bed!

Love my baby girl and have no problem leting her sleep in our bed. My man has not complained at all. But I know he is not really happy with it. It is just that I can get more sleep by feeding her when she wakes up and not have to get up at night. She does not sleep in her crib at all (maybe 5-6 times). So To work on getting her to sleep on her own should I first stop breast feeding? She takes a bottle OK but will not feed herself very well with it. Sippy cups - same thing. She also eats well. I tend to hold her when I put her to sleep and...