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What to Do with My Cat?

R.F. asks from Kansas City

Hi ladies, I have a beautiful cat (she looks part bengel) She has a sweet disposition but has been urinating on clothes and bedding. Our vet originally said she h...


Seeking Help: What to Do with Pets When Moving Overseas

B.C. asks from Denver

My husband was recently offered the job of a lifetime both career and money-wise. The job is in China and after a recent trip there we determined it simply isn't fe...


Putting down Nana and Grandpa's Dog

K.L. asks from Boston

Hello to all you moms! It is very unfortunate but my in law's have to put their dog of 11 years to sleep. She started getting sick about a month ago and they just f...


A Bird in the House = Death & Other Superstitions

R.J. asks from Seattle

There's an old Romani saying: 1 bird flies in the house means someone is going to die 2 birds fly in the house means good luck As yet whenever ANYONE I love di...


2.5 Year Old Girl, Teasing the Pets

C.A. asks from Houston

We have a 2.5 year old little girl and 2 little dogs and 2 cats and as if that isn't enough we are taking care of my best friends little dogs while she works in Europ...


Baby Bird Fell Out of the Nest.!!

A.. asks from Detroit

So we had this nest that moved in on the corner of the garage like where the gutter would be, but on the inside. so its about 8 feet, the nest is tucked way back into...


Talking to 3 Year Old About Death of Pets

S.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi mamas, We have two 13 year-old-dogs. Both are still pretty healthy, but they're obviously not going to be around much longer. I'm just wondering how many of you...


Small Dog or Kitten ?

S.K. asks from South Bend

I have been looking for awhile now for a small dog to add to the family. I have many things I have to consider though. My husband says it must be potty trained (so pu...


Vacuum Cleaner That Works Best with Dog Hair

K.V. asks from Rochester

hello fellow moms, For Christmas I am going to ask the family for a new vacuum and I would like some ideas on the best vacuum for dog hair. Our dog, Karl, is a bea...


Having an Issue with My Dog

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! I'm having an issue with my dog. Let me just start by saying that I did not grow up with a dog or any pets because my parents wouldn't let us have them. O...