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Guinea Pig or Hamster?

S.P. asks from Chicago

Ever since my 6 year old daughter visited my sister and fell in love with her chihuahua, she has longed for a dog she can have on her lap and carry around. She begs f...


Does Anyone Have a Guinea Pig...

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter would like a pet of her own for her 8th birthday. We have a two-year-old Cockapoo and he has been a true joy for each of us. I just do not want to bring a...


Guinea Pig as a Pet

Y.D. asks from Chicago

I have an opportunity to get a guinea pig for my kids, but have a few concerns. I'm used to having dogs, never had a guinea pig, so just wondering if they are good pe...


Guinea Pig Vs. Hamster

M.M. asks from Rochester

We would like to get a small pet for our daughter for her birthday. We currently have 3 cats, 2 chickens and a fish. We are considering either a hamster or a guinea...


My Daughter Wants a Guinea Pig. Should I Let Her?

K.J. asks from Cincinnati

My 13 year old daughter wants a guinea pig for Christmas this year. We already have a cat and she feeds him and changes his litter every day.I know I will have to tak...


Help with New Guinea Pig!

T.M. asks from Wichita Falls

Well, I have allowed my 9 year old to get a guinea pig. In the beginning it was a hamster, as long as they paid for the cage I would pay for the pet. She has actual...


Hamster or Guinea Pig

D.E. asks from Houston

My little ones are saying they are ready for a pet. I thought we would start off small. I grew up with guinea pigs and know nothing about hamsters. I was looking for ...


Do You Own a Guinea Pig? If So, Please Tell Me Everything About Them.

T.B. asks from Miami

My children want a guinea pig. They got a book from their school library and they are reading about them and trying to "sell" the idea to me and their daddy. I just...


I Want to Get Rid of My Sons Guinea Pig!!

D.B. asks from Des Moines

I had no idea how much work a guinea pig was. My son took back a couple of his christmas presents last year and saved his money for a guinea pig. He does feed and wat...


Guinea Pig Owners- past and Present, Should I Let My Daughter Adopt One?

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone- My 12 year old daughter would like to adopt a 1 and a half year old guinea pig from animal control. She is a responsible girl who has enough money to pay...