Family Pets: Melissa & Doug

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Best Toy Purchase for Your 3 to 5 Year Old

Hi there, I'm about to put in a big order on Amazon for several good quality toys that are hard for us to find where we're currently living overseas (and if we do find them they're usually double the price as in the US). Having said that, I'm interested in knowing of any really, really, really great purchases you made for your little one that have provided hours of fun playtime. I posted this before and got some great ideas...thank I'm really just asking one last time before I place the order. I have Dulplo legos, Playmobil,...


Guinea Pig as a Pet

I have an opportunity to get a guinea pig for my kids, but have a few...

Boarding Pets

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Cleaning a Dry Erase Board

I recently got an Easel for my son and used Melissa and Doug Dry Erase Markers on the dry erase side and they won't come off? Has anyone had this happen? What can I use to get the marker print off the board? I have tried a soft towel and damp cloth and it won't come off?

Pets with Children

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How to Care for Toddler While Baby Nurses

I have a 26-month-old daughter and a 1-month-old son. My daughter was initially very excited about the baby, happy, and cooperative. However, I think the "honeymoon" is over. Over the past few days she has gotten increasingly whiny, clingy, and oppositional. She is having an especially hard time entertaining herself while I nurse the baby. I can't blame her - she's still so young! I am feeling really guilty because as her behavior grows more challenging I grow less patient. I have had issues with PPD in the past and until the past...


Toddler and Dog

I need some suggestions. My toddler gets very exctied around our ten year...


The Perfect Pet

I am in search of the perfect pet for my soon to be 7 year old daughter. ...

Vets & Animal Hospitals

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Hospital Get Well Package Ideas

My 3 year old neice is having surgery this week. I want to make up a small get well package for her. Besides the obvious crayons and coloring book, any suggestions?