Family Pets: First Years

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How to cat proof my cats from my child?

E.T. asks from Denver

Hi moms: I'd like to try to make my son's room a cat-free zone. I have two active younger cats who have good vertical jumps. Are there any recommendations for gates...


7 Month Old Will Crawl Any Day, and I Have an Indoor Cat....

S.F. asks from Charlotte

I need advice on how to 'protect' my son from getting into kitty water,food and litter! He's about to crawl anyday now and I dont want to catch him in cat poop or li...


2 Year Old in My Bed at 4Am

S.C. asks from San Francisco

My youngest son, age 2, didn't get a good start sleeping during his first years, as we went on many trips and then had a big move to a new house/city/state. As a res...



S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I am wondering what baby gates you have used and would recommend. My son is almost 4 months old so we don't need one quite yet, but I want to have a gate right when w...


Bath Toy Funk!

J.B. asks from San Diego

my son's squishy bath toys (the little animals like duckies and whales and stuff by infantino - the ones that squirt water) have gotten some kind of fish tank algae f...


Dripless Cups for Older Kids

L.H. asks from Pittsburgh

I am looking for drinking cups with dripless lids that can be used with straws for my kids who are too old for sippy cups, but still tip over their drinks. I want som...


Need Suggestions for an Extra-wide Baby Gate

B.K. asks from Dallas

We have an opening that is 77" wide. It is my office & the game room combined so we need a gate to keep the little kids out. I am looking for the best value for my ...


Child Not Talking

T.K. asks from New Orleans

My son is now 16 months old and is not talking yet. He says a few words, like mommy and daddy and bubba for his baby brother, but that is it. I was just wondering is...



P.R. asks from San Antonio

My 4 month old started teething and he is having a very difficult time. He actually started at 3 months old. Is there anything besides the usual stuff (teething rig...


Best Baby Gate for Top of Stairs

J.N. asks from Portland

We are slowly starting to baby-proof our house. Does anyone have any suggestion of which baby gates for top of the stairs that they love? Much appreciated!