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Holiday Party.. What to Bring?

K.T. asks from Boston

Just wondering if you ladies have any good ideas what to bring when you are invited for a holiday party. What are some of your tried and true recipies that you are a...


What Should Our Family Do?

L.E. asks from Chicago

I have a family member who is getting married soon. I lost my dear mother earlier this year and she lived with my brother and took care of him. My brother has psych i...


What's Your Very Favorite Holiday Tradition?

C.V. asks from Columbia

For those who celebrate a December or January holiday, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Epiphany, or any other, even the secular celebrations, share w...


Upset About the Holiday Season Why Does It Have to Be So Crazy??

S.T. asks from Kansas City

when I was growing up we didn't travel to see my family for holidays my dad was sick so it was just my dad mom and sister so needless to say when I got married I was ...


Special Holiday Ideas

M.H. asks from Hartford

Hello Mamas, I have seen this in the past & thought I would ask since the season is upon us. What special things do you do for the holidays. We celebrate christmas, ...


Holiday Traditions

F.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms, We are a recent blended family so I want to start some new traditions for our family. What are some of your holiday traditions for Halloween, Thanksgiving a...


Seeking Recipes for Memorial Day Holiday Cook Out

T.Q. asks from Chicago

I would like to have some ideas of what to cook for the upcoming holiday.


Already the Holiday "Bullying" Is Starting

D.E. asks from Cincinnati every year that my husband and I have been together we have been expected at both sets of parents homes for Every holiday. I am always trying to run inte...


Holiday Problems Already

L.C. asks from Chicago

My husband and i are already arguing about the holidays. Every year its the same thing. MIL wants us there the same day and time as my family and is not flexable an...


Holiday Traditions

H.D. asks from Dallas

Hi all, What are some of your most beloved holiday traditions? I'm going to have a large crowd at my house for Thanksgiving this year (13 kids all 10 and younger ...