Family Gathering

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Thanksgiving Grace?

T.K. asks from Dallas

Does your family say a special grace at Thanksgiving. We usually ask gramma to say the blessing, but last year it got a little kooky, leading to some strange looks a...


My Brother's Lack of Parenting Is Driving Me CRAZY

A.C. asks from Salt Lake City

This is kind of a vent. After reading everyone's holiday family drama posts, now it is my turn, ha ha! This weekend we had a holiday party for my side of the family ...


Dealing with Well-meant, but Poorly-timed Health Questions

A.M. asks from Washington DC

Due to the holidays, we are seeing many extended family members, friends, and neighbors than usual. At almost every gathering someone has loudly asked a certain very ...


Divorced Parents Getting Along

S.R. asks from Milwaukee

My parents have been divorced for almost 30 years. My mom is remarried for about 25 years and my dad never remarried and is happy as can be. My dad lived in a differe...


HELP! Birthday Advice

T.F. asks from San Diego

My son will be turning 2 soon and I want to have a nice family and friend birthday party for him. My problem is we have a very large family. With just inviting the ...


Why Can't the Holidays Be About What We Are Celebrating??

S.T. asks from Kansas City

Just a little rant I guess the holidays are coming up and I am always stressed out cause it turns into where are we going and if we don't go here we are going to piss...


Moms of 20 Year Olds and Older

P.W. asks from San Francisco

I know it's normal, and healthy, when your child grows up and goes away and only wants to spend time with his friends. But what was your experience of your relations...


How Do You Split Time Between Families on the Holidays?

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

With Thanksgiving coming up, hubby and I are trying to figure out how to split our time between our families? What we have done in the past is I go to my families ...


First Birthday

M.S. asks from Bellingham

I have no idea what to do for my son's first birthday in February. Our house is so small and with just family members, there will be so many people there!!!


What Do You Think?

W.M. asks from Sacramento

With the holidays upon us I have a concern. Every year for the past 4-5 years my sister in law decides that she wants to go to a friends house instead. This friend ha...