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Boycotting Fundraisers

S.B. asks from Portland

Good day to all you mamas out there: I don't necessarily need advice on this topic as I already have my mind made up but I was just kind of peeking out there in in...


Trick or Treating & Teens

S.T. asks from New York

At what age does trick or treating become too much? My mom wouldn't let us trick or treat once we got to Junior High - which was 7th grade at the time. My kids are ...



M.H. asks from Mansfield

Hello Everyone! I have a 15 month old son and i am wanting to have some family traditions but did not have any as a child. So i am wanting to see if you would want to...


Do You Ever Just Get So Discouraged That You Just Want to Give Up?

G.M. asks from Phoenix

Hi there, I have been a SAHM for the past 8 years now. My husband lost his job back in January and has several interviews since then but no luck in finding a job. ...


Brunch Foods? Whats Normal??

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

So my family is having a huge time challenge this year on coordinating a gathering. Its a bit of a nighmare and fallen to me mostly and has been decided we just can n...


Very Large Group for Passover!! Help!!!

J.F. asks from Las Vegas

With Passover just a month away, I am making plans for our seder and really need any help and suggestions! We have hosted many times for the holiday, but it's only b...


What to Do for Easter?

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

We do not have family to spend Easter with. Our family consists of my husband, our 5 year old daughter and me. If it were up to my husband, we would not do anything...


Irritated with Holidays Since I Had kids.and It's Not the Kids' Faults

A.S. asks from Dallas

When my husband and I got together we were in a long distance relationhip and both in school so holidays were always spent with our respective parents and then togeth...


Anybody Else Cutting Back This Christmas?

S.T. asks from New York

My kids are teens - they have sooooo much. We live in an upper middle class community. There are lots of very wealthy families in our school district (we are a wate...


Sweet Potatoes

N.B. asks from Los Angeles

ok...this might sound dumb but I have some sweet potatoes I'd like to cook up and I can't find that many sweet potato recipes that even sound appetizing (other than t...