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Family Vacation for Single Mom

T.H. asks from El Paso

I was wondering if anyone has ideas / suggestions for taking a family vacation with my two boys (ages 8 and 3). I am recently separated but I don't want this to dete...


Considering Family Cruise Vacation

E.H. asks from Houston

I appreciate any help you Moms can give me on this. I have a 9 year old son, 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son and we are considering taking a 4 day cruise out ...


What Do You Do to Keep Your Young Child Happy at a Restaurant?

E.M. asks from Dallas

Hi. Does anyone bring any kind of activities to restaurants to keep their child occupied? I am not a fan of video games and movies at a restaurant, so I wanted to se...


Vacation Friendly Destinations in Midwest Area for Travel with Toddler

H.P. asks from Detroit

Hi Everyone, We are trying to plan a family vacation for a week in August with our son, who will be 17 months then. I will also be 8 months pregnant by that time s...


Seeking Advice/opinions on Family-friendly Furniture

P.S. asks from Philadelphia

We have a growing family with 3 small children under 5 years old. Our family room furniture is our only seating in the house besides the kitchen & dining room sets. I...


Child Frienly Restaurant

L.M. asks from Minneapolis

My sister and I get together with our extended family for dinner once a month and we are looking for more kid-friendly restaurants in the twin cities area. We have 6 ...


Suggestions for Family Party in Downtown Chicago with Children

P.F. asks from Chicago

My mother's 80th birthday is next weekend and I needed some ideas for re-planning a party. The original plan was for the adults in the family to get together downtow...


How to Handle My 15 Month Old in a Restaurant.

C.G. asks from Mobile

Sorry if this is long - but I need to vent/scream/strangle someone. I have a very active 15 month old. He is into everything and likes to explore. I mostly don't...


Good Beach for Family with Infant

V.D. asks from Austin

My husband and I have been in Austin nearly 2 years. We have a 7 month old baby girl, and we are getting ready to move to another state. BUT, we would like to take ...


Recommend Your Favorite Restaurants for Dining in or Take Out.

L.L. asks from Chicago

I am so tired of the same old stuff that's minutes from my home. I live around Provena Mercy hospital on Highland st. I moved to Aurora from the city so still have a...