Facing Foreclosure

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How to Find the Builder of 10Year Old Home?

K.B. asks from Kansas City

Anyone know of a way to find who the builder was for a 10 year old house? Thinking there may be a website or something you can pull this sort of info from. It is a fo...


Home Again Govt Program

L.S. asks from Las Vegas

Just wondering if anyone had any eperiance with or went through the program HOME AGAIN? It is a program for people who suffered foreclosure,short sale, etc! Just curi...


I Want to Sell My Home but My Son Is Listed on the Property.

D.B. asks from Boston

He will not sign a release, does not contribute toward expenses and has stolen a large amount of money from me. He has a drug problem. My health is fragile and I am u...


Crazy Mortgage Madness???

K.F. asks from New York

We found a lovely multifamily home to purchase which would be our second home. We have one foreclosure on our credit report which wasn't a problem when obtaining the ...


Need Advice on Where to Find Help!

S.D. asks from Washington DC

Hi Moms, I need some advice/help. I have fallen behind on my mortgage and am in foreclosure. I don't want to lose my home, but no one will help me because my...


Please Help!

J.M. asks from Orlando

My mom is about to lose her home to foreclosure. She was just served with the papers on Friday. She has 10 days to respond or go to court? I am not really sure of ...


House Going Under

M.P. asks from Dallas

Someone has approached me with a situation that I know nothing about. They are in the situation of walking away from their home. They contacted investors to purchas...


House Too Small...

S.D. asks from Chicago

Hi, we are thinking about selling our super small house. When we bought it we had no children now we have 3. Is there a place you would suggest to find foreclosure ...


Need a Move Out Cleaning

C.M. asks from Phoenix

I posted the other day that we were needing to move due to a foreclosure and everyone was so helpful, now I am requesting help finding someone to help with a move out...


Buying a House

A.M. asks from Sacramento

Hi, mamas! This is the first time I've asked a question, so here it is - I would like to buy a house someday, but I don't know where to start! I am paying a lot for...