Facing Foreclosure

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Buying a Foreclosure

K.L. asks from Savannah

For those who have bought a foreclosed on house, how long did it take to close?


We've Been 1099 for a Foreclosure

K.G. asks from Fort Wayne

Ok who here has been foreclosed on for whatever reason. And then was 1099 for it (which I expected) but then the bank over inflated the value of the home against the ...


Seeking Help in Saving My Home from Foreclosure!

D.L. asks from Daytona Beach

I am in need of advise help anything at this point to shead some light on my situation. My home is going into foreclosure after 15yrs of paying my mortgage. I have an...


Divorce and Bankruptcy, and Foreclosure!!!!! Starting over at 44Yrs!!

D.C. asks from New York

My husband and I are divorcing after 24yrs of marriage, we lost everything, the house (that I'm still in with my 2 girls) but have to be out asap!!! Having not been i...


Buying My First Home (Foreclosure NIGHTMARE)

C.A. asks from Pittsburgh

I need some words of encouragement and advice. Here it goes.. In June I decided that I wanted to buy a house and stop flushing money down the drain, so I called my ba...


Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

G.S. asks from New York

Tomorrow I have to make a phone call to our attorney advising him that we want to surrounder our home to the mortgage company. I realize that we aren't the only ones...


Major Debt Considering Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

G.M. asks from Tampa

When I married my husband he had a TON of debt. My mother and I (best friends) assumed it in our credit cards. We are now in the difficult situation of being 141K in...


How to Acquire a List of Real Estate Foreclosure List

A.C. asks from Dallas

Where and How to acquire a list of foreclosed homes in Allen or Fairview?


Has Anyone Gone Thru a Foreclosure? Losing My Home.

C.C. asks from Visalia

I just got word that we didn't qualify for a modification. been trying for quite awhile. I lost my job and Husband retired early because of a bad heart. We been livin...


Short Sale or Foreclosure...PLEASE HELP!!!

J.S. asks from Chicago

So, my husband and I have gone thru some extremely diffiult times these past 2 years, from losing a job, being denied unemployment, and then a new job which pays lite...