Facing Foreclosure

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Buying a Home After foreclosure...has Anyone????

E.M. asks from Phoenix

My husband and had a foreclosure about 2 years ago. My credit is good again and I am starting to make plans to buy another home. I talked to a mortgage person and w...


Short Sale vs Foreclosure

C.B. asks from Providence

I recently requested a short sale to the bank tgaty loan has defaulted. The idea was to attempt to not have a foreclosure on my credit. I just got a form saying that ...


My Landlord Is Facing Foreclosure

B.M. asks from Chicago

We're renters and our lease has expired. The landlord has told my husband that he hasn't paid rent for 2 months and may be facing foreclosure. I think we should move ...


Removal of Liens on Foreclosure

C.D. asks from Sarasota

My husband owns a Marble Company and we also own a Condo that has gone into foreclosure and his clients have placed about 15 liens on this condo, we are now in the pr...


What Did You Do About Your Housing Situation After Foreclosure?

T. asks from Phoenix

We are coming up on our foreclosure date in 2 weeks after having been put off for 4 months. My husband and I are both unemployed and we have bad credit. It's pretty o...


Foreclosure....short Sale

T.N. asks from Boston

Our town home has been on the market since January listed as a short sale. For those of you that don't know, when you try for a short sale you need to be behind on y...


Has Anyone Gone Through a Shortsale or Foreclosure?

J.K. asks from Seattle

I'm looking for advice and/or information on going thru a shortsale or foreclosure. My husband and I moved out of our condo a year ago and into a home. We both had ...


Concerned About a Friend - Foreclosure

L.M. asks from New York

How does a foreclosure work? I'm very concerned about my friend. I don't know all the details, but she told me about a month ago she was 3 months past due on her ...


Our Landlord Is in foreclosure..need Advice!

T.J. asks from Seattle

So after our landlord first tried to sell our rental house, we received notice that he is in foreclosure! The house will be sold on 9/11/2009 if he does not "catch up...


House Foreclosure. !

J.R. asks from Detroit

Ok..we have heard nothing until now about our house and we are 4 months late as of Sept 1st. This was a rental property and they could not afford it anymore. We were...