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Searching for a GREAT Eye Cream

B.K. asks from Detroit

Hello Moms, I'm in my thirties and searching for an eye cream that will help with dryness, wrinkles and dark circles. Is anyone using something that they really love...


((( Chicken Pox..18 Month Old ))))

J.S. asks from Bellingham

my daughter is 18 months old...this morning she had no signs of chicken pox, no bumps...now about 6 hours later, the bumps came soo fast...who could she catch it from...


Itchy Red Bumps on Knees, Butt, Face??

R.J. asks from Atlanta

My 5 yr old son recently got red itchy bumps on his knee (just one), then a few days later they appeared on his bottom and now this morning they are on his face, his ...


How to Get Rid of a Slight Moustache on Toddler's Face

D.M. asks from Chicago

My daughter who is turning 5 in August is going to start kindergarten. Well she has a slight "moustache". It doesn't bother me or her, but I don't want her to be teas...


Stubborn acne-Need Product Suggestions

E.B. asks from Beaumont

My 12 year old has acne that is really hard to get rid of. I've decided to enlist your help in finding products that are more effective. Proactive didn't work for u...


Pregnancy Mask- Spots All over Face from Hormones

J.C. asks from Tucson

When I was pregnant with my first son I got several brown spots on my face (the Dr. called it a pregnancy mask caused by the hormones) . When I got pregnant with my ...


Serum Sickness and Prednisolon Side Effects

J.C. asks from Chicago

My 19 month old daughter developed Serum Sickness after taking amoxicillin for a double ear infection. She is taking an oral steroid called Prednisolon to help with ...


2 Year Olds

W.D. asks from Amarillo

Does anybody have a 2 year old, that You can't take out to eat, because he or she wants to get up and run around, and if he or she don't get it's way, then he or she ...


16 Month Old W/ Constant Runny Nose

R.H. asks from Tampa

My 16 month old gets a runny nose that lasts for weeks at a time. I take her to her pediatrician who prescribes meds (Augmentin, Omnicef, and most recently Suprex). ...


Recommendations for Treating Melasma (Dark Spots on Face)

M.I. asks from New York

Hola Amigas, Since my daughter was born, I've had melasma, large dark discolorations on the cheeks and forehead. I am Latina, and it seems common in our group, alth...