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Baby Vision

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

What month is baby vision considered to be completely developed? Mine is 9 months old. He always responded to me while I talked to him from the kitchen - smiles an...


Wearing Glasses

F.F. asks from Houston

Hey everybody im seeking advice about my 3yr old son i recently took him to the eye doctor,because he's starting school.he wasnt complaining about he's eyes but i jus...


Vision Therapy

K.K. asks from Reading

My son is in Kindergarten and has been getting OT for some fine and gross motor skills problems and is showing great progress. He is also getting OT through school. ...


Need a Good Eye Doctor in Cypress Area

K.K. asks from Houston

My daughter, 13, needs glasses we just found out. Can anyone recommend a good eye doctor in the Cypress area? Thanks!


Need a Good Eye Doctor but Do Not Have Vision Insurance

D.D. asks from Dallas

I have medical and dental insurance for my family but we do not have vision insurance. My husband and I both need to go to the eye doctor. The last time we went was...


Need Eye Doctor

S.L. asks from Kansas City

My daughter is 7 and is complaining that she can't see the board. I'm not really surpised, both my husband and I have contacts. However, money is VERY tight for us ...


Eye Doctor

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello, I live in the Olathe area and I'm looking for a new eye doctor. I have a rather strong perscription and have a hard time getting contacts that I can actually ...


Kids & Glasses

B.H. asks from Dallas

Hi All. I just found out that my 11 year old son needs to wear glasses. BIFOCALS no less. I feel like a terrible mother - for the past few years his teachers and I...


Need Recommendation for Excellent Eye Doctor

A.D. asks from Philadelphia

Hi :) I am in West Philly, so preferably someone who isn't too far. We also do not have vision coverage (unfortunately) so someone who isn't too expensive. I a...


Seeking Kid Friendly Eye Doctor

J.B. asks from Chicago

We're in the NW suburbs looking for a kid friendly eye doctor for a routine exam. We just need to find out if he's near sighted or farsighted or needs glasses. We rec...