Eyes & Vision: Toddler

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Looking for a Good Eye Doctor for the Family

L.K. asks from Indianapolis

We just recently moved here and I need a good eye doctor for myself and my kids. We are in the Carmel area 141st and Springmill. My 6 year old son came home the othe...


Reviews for Vision World or LensCrafters

D.P. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, need to get glasses and am considering Vision World or LensCrafters at Maplewood Mall. Any experience with any of these companies even if it wasnt at Maplewood M...


Glasses on a 2 Year Old

C.I. asks from Fort Myers

At my grandson's two year check up, we mentioned that his left eye was turning inward. It got worse when he was tired. He was referred to a pediatric eye doctor. My d...


Seeking Excellent Pediatric Eye Doctor in the NRH/Mid-Cities Area

S.N. asks from Dallas

My 7 y.o. needs glasses before school starts (2 1/2 weeks). I have taken her to a pediatric eye doctor before and he told me there's nothing wrong with her eyes. Ho...


Question About Vision Testing and Eyeglasses...

R.D. asks from Richmond

My 8 year old daughter has been complaining on and off for a few months about her eyesight. She says she can't read the chalkboard (and I'm about to have it out with ...


Looking for a Pediatrician & Eye Doctor in Grand Blanc Area

C.M. asks from Detroit

Hello moms, We just moved to Michigan and I'm looking for a pediatrician for my 4 year old daughter near the Grand Blanc area. She also has glasses so I'm looking f...


Toddler with Possible Vision Problems...

A.N. asks from Portland

I have recently been noticing my 2 1/2 year old squinting when looking at distant objects. I was wondering if anyone else has children of this age with vision proble...


What Is Your Opinion on Vision Therapy?

L.C. asks from Hartford

Hello mammas! I will give you a little background. My son is 7 1/2 in the 2nd grade. He has a little difficulty with reading. He has letter reversal along with tro...


Vision Problem in Toddler?

J.A. asks from Florence

Hey Mamas, How can you tell if your toddler has a vision problem. Heres the thing, my 21 month old looks at things kinda funny. He will hold things far away from him...


Need to Find Eye Doctor in South Sarasota County

V.P. asks from Sarasota

Hey all, My husband and I have recently been looking for an Eye Doctor. We obviously would like someone who is good with children as we have 3 boys between the ages...