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Curves During Pregnancy

J.T. asks from Fayetteville

I was curious if anyone does or has done Curves during pregnancy? I just started going back because of having a HORRIBLE first trimester with feeling sick 24/7. I'm 1...


Pregnancy Diet...

S.D. asks from Dallas

I am looking to keep my weight gain at 20-25lbs this pregnancy but also feel sick if i dont eat often or nutritiously Did anybody have good success with a diet that I...


Work-out Equipment

N.A. asks from Chicago

Hello Mama's! I have been constantly saying that I want to start "working-out" but have YET to do so! I had my daughter 3 year's ago and have been trying to exercise ...


Running During Pregnancy

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I have always been told that the exercise we did before pregnancy is safe to continue during pregnancy (some exceptions of course for high risk pregnancies). However...


2Nd Pregnancy

S.O. asks from Washington DC

I am pregnant w/my 2nd child. I have no symptoms except being tired. With my 1st pregnancy i was sick for 5 months. I know every pregnancy is different but it worrie...


Twin Pregnancy

M.V. asks from Salt Lake City

I have just been told I am pregnant with fraternal twins. Do not know what to expect. I do know it is a high risk pregnancy, I am aware of that and scared as well. Bu...


Pregnancy Weight????

K.L. asks from Minneapolis

I recently went to the doctor's office to have my annual pregnancy check-up. I am pregnant with our fourth child due in the middle of March (so that puts me at 25week...


Third Pregnancy

K.S. asks from Charleston

Hi! I'm about to become pregnant with my third child, and I'm wondering (even though I know everyone is different and every pregnancy is different) if most third-tim...


Seeking Advice on Weight Loss and Exercise Plan That Works

L.M. asks from Washington DC

I am a mom of 6 kids and I work full time. I was wondering if any one has any good suggestions that have worked for them on losing weight. I have always been able t...


When to Resume Exercise After Childbirth

M.G. asks from New York

Hi moms! I had my second child about two and a half weeks ago (no complications) and recovery is going really well. I worked out on the treadmill throughout my preg...